Facials & Peels in Santa Barbara, California

Looking for an effective facial or advanced skincare treatment Santa Barbara, CA? You are in the right place.

Our facials use a combination of treatments and an intentional application approach to make your skin look and feel great. A customized facial by one of our expert estheticians relaxes your facial muscles, preventing the beginnings of wrinkles, sagging skin, and puffiness. This promotes healthy circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the renewal of skin cells – as a result, your skin will glow and you’ll look your best!

Not sure which facial is best for you? Book a 30 min. complementary consultation.


Albright Esthetics corrective facial is the best place to start for new clients. We customize this first treatment to meet your unique skin care needs and achieve noticeable results. At this treatment, we discuss your skincare plan and what comes next.

30 MINUTES  |  $85
55 MINUTES  |  $125

Albright Signature Facial

Our go-to facial for returning clients. These unique treatments are customized for your individual skin issues and goals. By incorporating more assertive acids and enzymes, double exfoliation, extractions and LED light therapy, we are able to achieve transformational results. Great for all skin types.

65 MINUTES  |  $145

Dermaplane | +$50
Microcurrent | $35 
Hydro Mask | +$15
Hand Treatment | +$35
Eye Treatment | +$30
LED | +$20

Dermaplane Facial

This facial is a minimally invasive procedure that sloughs away dead skin and unwanted “peach fuzz”. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, reduces the appearance of acne scars or pitted skin, and helps with product penetration.


75 MINUTES  |  $195

Facial Peels

We offer customized peels to meet your goals and sensitivities, including peels with little to no downtime. Periodic peeling of the skin stimulates collagen production, which firms and tightens the tissue. For new clients, we require one corrective facial before doing a peel, so we can get to know your skin. Peels are only offered in cooler months, for your skin’s safety.

Progressive Peel*
60 minutes  |  $165

60 MINUTES  |  $195
30 MINUTES | $85
*Must purchase post peel products with any peel.