Looking for an effective facial or advanced skincare treatment near you? Here’s what you can expect.

My journey started in Santa Barbara in 2012.  I’ve established myself over the last decade as a go to local professional for facials, waxing, and skin peels with a long list of satisfied and repeat clients.   

As someone who struggles with acne-sensitive skin, I have always been interested in skin and self-care products. I truly love helping people with their skin.  I believe in aging gracefully, and, today, it is easier to accomplish (with even the most sever skin conditions).

My objective is to not only analyze and learn your skin but to educate my clients and give them the power to understand and maintain their own skin.   With education, state of the art tools and trusted products, I teach you to age naturally so you can feel relevant and confident, in this (sometimes) unrealistic world of needing to look perfect and flawless 24/7.

Each treatment is different because you and your skin are ever changing.  I analyze and create a customized facial to fit the needs I see that day.  I embrace uniqueness and individuality, because we all have different skin types and ever-changing skin conditions.

Continued education and understanding how the skin works from the inside out is a top priority for me.  We now know that it’s not only what you do topically, but also what you do for stress, diet, exercise, and mental wellness that ultimately creates the ideal skin. 

I have created a safe space where you can come and get the self-care and rejuvenation you need to do life.  Book a consultation or treatment today so we can get started.  

Looking forward to hearing from you, and helping your skin become the best version of itself. 

When I’m not in the treatment room, I enjoy Paddleboarding with my Dog Wellington, yoga with my husband Joel, or playing my Harp.